Recipes: Canapé with livers

Canapé with livers 
350gr of Livers of chicken  (or possibly 200gr of livers and 200gr of red meat minced)
Half onion, capers, a spoon, three anchovy fillets, broth, a glass, extra virgin olive oil, walnut, salt, pepper, homemade bread. Fry slightly the cut into thin onion in four spoon of oil, then add livers, capers, anchovy. Gradually add the broth to keep everything soft and not to attack. after half an hour of cooking remove from the heat and mince everything to obtain a dough rather cream. Put again briefly on the heat, add a knob of butter and salt and pepper. Spread on canapé of bread.
If the bread is stale, it can be wet slightly in broth and then put the sauce. 
Another variant is to use half chopped chicken livers and half ground beef. In this way canapés are more delicate and no matter mince everything at the end of cooking (of course also capers had to be added already chopped!)